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Every foodie would love to see Imee Marcos’ upcoming Vlog showcasing the most delicious Pinoy dishes she’s discovered on her many travels around the country.

From the tastiest snacks to one-of-a-kind drinks to the familiar everyday desserts, the indefatigable Senator has explored just about every dish and sampled nearly every imaginable dish from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao – all world-class Filipino food products that ease the budget.

“Food is one of my stress relievers, and I am so proud that we have a wealth of delicious foods that are all made with Pinoy pride,” Amy says. “I have been to every province in the Philippines and always looking to find the best food that every place has to offer. I am excited to share my food finds with my YouTube viewers. Indian finds are definitely aku mapapahiya sa mga ko and the best part is that they are all very affordable.”

So where can one find and enjoy the most delicious chicharong laman, the most delicious chocolate liqueur, the most garlicky cornicus, or the most delicious ice cream?

Foodies unite and join Amy’s blog on Saturday, March 26th, and you might be surprised to find her great food near your area.

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