Uphill and Forward for the food and beverage industry

There has certainly been progress in our response to the pandemic and the resilient Filipino appears to be slowly recovering. Stronger, braver and ready to serve!

The emergence of new dining establishments in Rockwell alone left me at a loss as to what I wanted to try first. Custom curated ramen, Spanish pintxos, and specialty coffee are all on the rise. Tried it in a full minute in Manila and happy to report, Rockwell is loud and in full swing! This may be a good sign of the times for an industry hard hit by COVID-19.

ramen ron

A well-established authentic ramen place done in the traditional way. Side dishes are plentiful and every kind of ramen whether soup, stew, cold or hot is well thought out and absolutely delicious.

Karamisu ramen for those who like soup and spicy like me

Shoyu (soybean-based) ramen with aji tamago on the side

Karaage chicken


Another place for ramen that specializes in chicken and everything chicken. An alternative for those who do not eat pork.

Boiled chicken in betaine broth with chewy noodles and flour broth

Tsukun. Minced chicken skewer served with raw egg sauce. Perfect with cold Japanese beer. This dish is a must for me.

Pintxos bar

A fun addition to the Rockwell scene. All-day Spanish fare and a place to go when your thirst strikes at this happy hour.

cow cheeks

Jamun Alioli Pintxos

Yakiniku Manchego

Eggs with chorizo, fries and shrimp

Omotesando coffee

Japanese, clean, well equipped, no frills, just quality.

Inside the metro’s newest coffee and tea place

Although they had a great selection of coffee, we really enjoyed their matcha latte too

Menu in Omotesando

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