As Inflation Rocks Food Prices, Shoppers Say “Ouch”

Angie Goodman, a housekeeper from Culver City, California, usually eats meat once a week. but now that the steaks have doubled the pricehe said he might have to cut back to once a month.

Ms. Goodman, 54, said she earns about $ 15 an hour, a figure that has stagnated as the cost of living skyrocketed.

“Basic stuff is very expensive,” he said. “It’s crazy.”

Isabel Chambergo, 62, a warehouse worker in Elizabeth, New Jersey, said meals she once planned at home are now mapped as she grocery shopping, so she can use her phone to scan items for digital coupons. That saves $ 10 to $ 15 per shopping trip, she said.

“That’s how I get on,” said Ms. Chambergo as she left a Stop and Shop in Elizabeth with her husband, Arturo, 62.