JPMorgan expects to gain from rising interest rates and erratic markets.

JPMorgan Chase, the nation’s largest bank, plans to cash out, even as the global economic outlook has grown gloomier due to threats including inflation and the war in Ukraine.

In a company investor day event on Monday, bank officials predicted that JPMorgan would meet or exceed its financial targets sooner than expected due to rising interest rates, increased loan demand and volatility. of the financial markets.

With the Federal Reserve raising its benchmark interest rate in hopes of taming the rise in prices, JPMorgan expects its interest income to rise to more than $ 56 billion this year, from $ 44.5 billion in the year. 2021, according to an investor presentation. And he said revenue from trading would likely increase between 15 and 20 percent this quarter from a year earlier, as customers navigate in tumultuous conditions that have threatened to push the S&P into a bear market.

The bank’s shares were up more than 6% after executives announced their forecasts, surpassing a 4% jump in a broader index of banking stocks.