Rivian confirms its electric vehicle production target for 2022 despite supply problems.

Production so far amounts to 5,000. “We did all of this in one of the toughest operating environments in decades,” said RJ Scarringe, Rivian’s chief executive, during a call with analysts following the release of the quarterly results.

All automakers face supply chain constraints, but smaller ones like Rivian that lack long-term supplier relationships may have a hard time making it. The difficulties pose a greater risk to new carmakers, who may find it difficult to capture a significant share of the electric vehicle market before more established companies introduce dozens of products in the coming years.

Rivian posted a net loss of $ 1.6 billion in the first quarter on sales of just $ 95 million. In the first quarter of last year, Rivian posted no sales and a loss of $ 414 million. The company is reporting large losses because it is spending large sums to increase production of its three vehicles: a truck designed primarily for recreation, an SUV and a delivery van from Amazon, one of Rivian’s first investors and a major shareholder. .

The company said it received more than 90,000 orders for its truck and SUV, up from about 83,000 in March.

Amazon has ordered 100,000 delivery vans, but Rivian has been reluctant to say how many it has shipped. On Wednesday, he only said that “he was increasing production and deliveries”. During the phone call with analysts, Scarringe said he expects vans to make up about a third of the 25,000 vehicles in the 2022 production forecast.