The White House, under pressure, says it will address the shortage of baby formulas

Rep Elise Stefanik, a Republican from New York, said the administration should have had a plan for the shortage months ago, while others blamed the president for simply making family life more difficult across the board.

“My son, Sam, is 9 months old; he is fed with formula milk ”, Ms Stefanik, no. 3. House Republican, she said, noting her parents were piling up high gas bills as they drove around chasing formulas. “The shelves were quite empty.”

Although the event focused on the most basic human needs, far-right Republicans turned it into a forum to broadcast some of their favorite attacks on Biden, trying to tie the shortage formula to his border policies and even efforts to reduce drug overdose.

“Today images emerge from the border, where the Biden administration has sent pallets of formula milk for illegal mothers and their babies while American mothers and babies can’t find formula milk,” said Republican Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene. Georgia.

A White House official said it has been legally required since 1997 for border personnel to have nutrition, including infant formula, for people and children in custody. The official noted that the Trump and George W. Bush administrations followed that policy.

Rep Mike Waltz, a Republican from Florida and father of a 4-month-old baby, speculated that he had been overheard with colleagues ahead of the press conference.

“Think about the fact that in Joe Biden’s America, it seems like it’s easier to get a crack pipe in a government-funded smoking kit than to find infant formula,” he said.