Ellen Barkin recalls the suspicion of Johnny Depp’s sexual scratch and the throwing of the bottle

To hear actor Ellen Barkin say so, Johnny Depp was a bossy man, jealous and angry even in the 1990s, when the two were dating.

“Where are you going?” Barkin said Depp would ask him. “Who are you going with? What did you do last night?”

Barkin added, “I got a scratch on my back once that made him really angry, because he insisted it came from me having sex with someone who wasn’t him.”

Barkin recalled her relationship with Depp during a previously taped deposition that was played Thursday in a Virginia courtroom by attorneys for Depp’s ex-wife, Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp and Ellen Barkin in 1994.
Johnny Depp and Ellen Barkin in 1994.

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Heard’s lawyers are trying to mine Depp’s libel suit against her. Depp claims that a 2018 editorial Heard wrote in the Washington Post unfairly portrayed him as a domestic molester and cost him a lucrative career in Hollywood that included the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film franchise.

Depp testified that he never hit Heard and was the victim of abuse inflicted by her. But Heard’s lawyers say those denials lack credibility because she often drank and used drugs to the point of passing out.

During Barkin’s deposition, he testified that Depp “always drank or smoked a joint” or did other illegal drugs. She said she dated Depp for about three to five months and characterized the relationship as more sexual than romantic.

Barkin co-starred with Depp in “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. During filming, Barkin said that Depp threw a bottle of wine in her direction as she was arguing with some friends in a hotel room. However, she said he didn’t know why he threw the bottle.

Ellen Barkin and Johnny Depp

Heard’s lawyers argue that Depp’s career free fall was the result of his own bad behavior, not Heard’s editorial. They starred in a testimony that traced the actor’s rise and fall from “the greatest movie star in the world” to a man who struggled with drugs, money and the ability to show up on movie sets in time.

Tracey Jacobs, who served as the actor’s agent for nearly 30 years, said Depp “showed up late to consistently set in virtually every movie” during their final years of working together.

“I was very honest with him and said, ‘You have to stop doing this, this is hurting you,’” Jacobs said. “And he did it.”

Jacobs said Depp was an extraordinary talent, but his behavior in the years before he fired her in 2016 became increasingly unprofessional as her drug and alcohol use increased, Jacobs said.

“And he also toured the city,” Jacobs said. “I mean, people talk, it’s a small community. And it made people reluctant to use it.

Joel Mandel, Depp’s former business manager, testified in a previously taped deposition that the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films had “catapulted him to an entirely different level of success.”

“It meant more employees,” Mandel said. “It meant buying additional property. … It meant a bigger and more expensive life.

Things started to change around 2010 and “it became clear over time that there were problems with alcohol and drugs,” Mandel said. “And that translated into more erratic behaviors, more stressful behaviors, multiple times it was difficult to engage in the kind of conversations I needed to do my job.”

At one point, Depp was spending about $ 100,000 a month on a doctor and staff to help him get sober, Mandel said. In another, he was spending $ 300,000 a month on full-time staff, he said. And he said there were also times when Depp spent thousands of dollars a month on prescription drugs.

“Spending levels had grown very, very, very large and required maintaining that incredibly high level of income,” Mandel said. “And when he fell, the disconnection became unbearable.”

Mandel said he became extremely concerned about Depp’s finances in 2015, but that Depp addressed those concerns with anger. He said the actor fired him in 2016.

Bruce Witkin, a musician who has been friends with Depp for nearly 40 years, tested in a previously taped deposition that Depp could become jealous in his romantic relationships.

That jealousy was demonstrated with Heard when he was out shooting a movie “or doing something he couldn’t be around to see what was going on,” Witkin said. “I think she would be mad by herself.”

Witkin said he saw bruises on Heard’s arm when he and Depp were working on a documentary about Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. And he once saw Depp with a “fat lip”. But Witkin said he never saw Depp or Heard physically abuse each other.

Witkin said she tried to help Depp with his substance abuse and put him in contact with a therapist.

“He said, ‘I’ll be fine. I’ll be fine, “Witkin said, recalling a conversation.” Well, you’re not fine. “

Depp’s sister Christi Dembrowski has always been concerned about her well-being, both in terms of substance abuse and in general, Witkin said.

“I think everyone deep inside was, but… the people on the payroll aren’t going to say much. They’ll try but they don’t want to lose their jobs, “Witkin said.” I’m not saying they all fall into that category. But it’s a weird thing around people like him. Everyone wants something. “

Witkin said his friendship with Depp began to dissolve in late 2017, when the actor began to drift apart.

“He wrote me this strange message saying I stabbed him in the back and spoke badly,” Witkin said. “And I’m like, ‘What are you talking about?’ And he wouldn’t explain it. And I haven’t practically seen him since 2018 “.