Sarah Silverman shares toothbrush with boyfriend and other TMI on “The View”

Sarah Silverman some viewers of the daytime talk show might have done “the sightShe misses lunch by confirming that she shares a toothbrush with her boyfriend, Rory Albanese. all time (Watch the video below.)

“I have never shared a toothbrush with another person in my life and for some reason we have never used the same toothbrush with Rory,” the comedian said.

“Now everyone says it’s that big,” she said before a photo of the couple with a dog briefly interrupted the story. “But let me ask you this: why is it so big? We kiss where we pee. ” (“Pee” there was a beep in the clip provided by the show.)

The co-hosts offered an embarrassed laugh, but Joy Behar went back to Silverman’s dental hygiene.

“Yeah, but you go in it with your gums and all … it’s disgusting,” Behar said.

Whoopi Goldberg tried to end Silverman’s TMI session by telling her, “Do what you want to do in your home.”

“My body, my choice!” Silverman broke.

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