Seth Meyers reveals the rejected lines of his writers but the “worst criminal” is fantastic

Seth Meyers held a “Surprise Inspection!” of the lines rejected by his writers on “Late Night” on Tuesday, and some were indeed worthy of a moan – like the wandering goats that Meyers should have been talking about (but thankfully he didn’t): goats when they were arrested, but we should have bleated. ” (Watch the video below.)

Meyers eventually brought out his “worst offender,” Mike Scollins, a punchline artist who writes lines that are “monologue-worthy garbage or utterly shocking,” according to the host.

But Scollins’ unpublished work that Meyers revealed – on dolphins, McDonald’s, Dr. Seuss and Michael Jackson – turned out to be obscurely hilarious, if at times bland. Even the boss admitted that one of them should have been included in a monologue.

Fast forward to the “worst offender” segment at 5:00 am: