The woman says she is the most hated woman in the UK because she is sexy

Carla Belluci has been dubbed “Britain’s most hated woman” after faking depression to claim a nose job on the NHS, but insists that’s not why she’s hated.

She was called Britain’s most hated woman after she appeared This morning where he revealed he faked depression to get a nose job on the NHS.

And now Carla Belluci has claimed to be hated because she is too hot.

Carla, 40, of Hitchin, Herts, who has just returned from a $ 14,195 fully paid trip to Dubai, told the Daily Star the abuse she has endured largely stems from her being a beauty.

She told the paper, “I’m always called *** and a vagabond, but I wonder if I was a medium-looking size 16 mom, would I call myself that?

“The first thing a woman who trolls me says is about how I look … I look on her page and it’s still your average Karen.”

She added: “I have never been trolled by a attractive womanshe is always a little lively without teeth. “

This is not the first time that Carla has wooed controversy.

A couple of weeks ago Carla said “yes” to her spouse Giovanni who knelt down with a diamond ring worth $ 14,195.

But while her family back home was thrilled by the news, Carla’s trolls were quick to sink their teeth when they realized Mom had abandoned the babies in the luxury shelter, leaving six-month-old Blue Gianna behind.

Speaking exclusively to FabulousCarla said: “It was a big deal for everyone that I went on vacation without Blue.

“But she was with her grandmother and her sister, I hadn’t just left my baby.

“I always go on vacation without my children. We have our time and then we have our family vacation.

“Taking breaks alone as a couple is so important – it helps keep the relationship alive.

“The others are older but are used to being away all the time for work.

“Being in Dubai was a job, I had to blog every day and it’s a great responsibility because they updated us. It was not a holiday suitable for children, far from it!

“Of course I missed Blue like crazy, but I don’t regret going there.

“I never thought Blue had to be there because it’s not practical, how could I get a tan with Blue screaming?”

In fact, Carla thinks that parents who take the family to exotic locations are the ones who need conferences.

“You can’t take the same vacation with children,” he says.

“You can’t enjoy your time, children scream because they have sunburn or sunburn.

“I think these moms who take their kids away on luxury vacations are irresponsible, you shouldn’t have kids in that heat!

“If I had done it with Blue I would have been called irresponsible, there is no question.

“But since I left her at home with my grandmother, I’m the irresponsible one, I can’t win.

“At the end of the day these trolls can say whatever they want, but I don’t feel bad, they just want to be here.”

Carla says her trolls have even gone so far as to accuse her of not caring about her children.

He adds: “I posted a photo of my Chihuahua online saying ‘I miss you’ while I was away and people accused me of caring more about my dog ​​than my children.

“But I don’t put Blue’s pictures on my social media!”

Carla became famous after appearing This morningwhere Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby slammed her for faking depression to get a $ 12,421 nose job on the NHS – something she now says isn’t quite accurate, claiming the surgery was to repair a bump a following an assault by a previous partner.

And for “Britain’s most hated woman” being trolled is like water off a duck’s back and she certainly hasn’t let her enemies put a stop to her proposition.

In fact, she already has big plans for marriage.

“We’re actually going back to Dubai to get married,” says Carla.

“I’m a slightly older bride, but that won’t stop me: this is going to be the real McCoy

“I want at least six bridesmaids. Don’t expect me to be modest just because I’m a little older.

“I want my dress to be huge with a huge train – I just need a contract with a magazine.”

And for Carla, her wedding will give her the perfect excuse to get away with it once again without the kids.

She says: “I thought about bringing my children back with my mother so that they could stay and go to another resort.

“The kids can go home, I’ll need my honeymoon.”

This story originally appeared in The sun and has been reproduced with permission.

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