Accessible Fast-Food Partnerships : righthear

McDonald’s announced a new partnership with the Israel-based startup ‘RightHear.’ RightHear is a tech startup that creates navigation solutions for visually impaired people. Through its partnership with McDonald’s, RightHear will make the restaurant locations across the country more accessible and customer-friendly.

The restaurants will integrate RightHear Bluetooth sensors in key locations, such as near the front door, near bathrooms, and near the cashier counter. The sensors communicate with the RightHear mobile application and provide location-based information and warnings. For example, a visually impaired person walking up to the front door could receive the information “the door opens on the right.”

In addition to this navigational information, RightHear sensors can also assist visually impaired people with reading the restaurant menu. The information can be delivered through a mobile application and sent to an audio device to allow for easy communication of items and prices. RightHear’s mobile application is currently available in 26 different languages.

Image Credit: Shutterstock