Blockchain Battle Arena Titles : the wildcard alliance

‘Playful Studios,’ the McKinney, Texas-based game development company most known for ‘Words with Friends,’ announced ‘The Wildcard Alliance,’ or Wildcard for short. Wildcard is a player-versus-player title that takes place within a closed battle arena. The game can be played either one-versus-one or in teams. The game has high-quality, smooth 3D animations that make it incredibly visually appealing compared to most blockchain-based titles.

The gameplay of Wildcard will be a mix of a card collecting game, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, and a blockchain game. This means players will own decks of cards that could potentially be tied to NFTs or cryptocurrencies. Then, while in-game, players will be able to summon these cards to generate MOBA-style abilities as they rotate through their card deck. Not only is this game innovative because of its blockchain integration, but it is also a unique concept to gaming as an industry.

Image Credit: Playful Studios