Interconnected Metaverse Initiatives : soulbound

Saga announced ‘Soulbound,’ a large-scale middleware project geared toward organizing the metaverse. The company recently earned $3.6 million USD in a round of funding which it will use to accelerate the Soulbound system through hiring and investments.

Soulbound currently exists as a platform that is both user-first and based in a meritocracy. This is to say that Saga is creating a council of gamers to head its middleware metaverse, and a spot on this council cannot be purchased, it must be earned. The spot is earned through earning merits on the Soulbound platform, which can be done by networking, playing games, and participating in the gamified system of the platform.

The company has also stated its middleware will have interoperability and a player’s assembly, meaning players from several different games and networks will be connected to this single operatable middle universe. On top of this, these players will be able to vote on decisions, form a user government, and interact in a truly connected metaverse that is not corrupt by large transactions.

Image Credit: Saga