Josh Brolin Interviews Himself In A Funny Swipe At Every Celebrity Chat Ever

“Outer Range” star Josh Brolin had to interview himself when fellow actor Jeremy Renner couldn’t make it ― and he nailed it. (Watch the video below.)

“Sorry, I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable,” says the baseball-cap-wearing version of Brolin. “It’s that when you respect somebody as much as I respect you … Do you mind if I look at you in the eye, or do you want me to look down?”

The other Brolin later complains with a straight face that his 1- and 3-year-old kids “are really trying to take the limelight from me right now and it’s tough, you know? I bring them to school, and when I’m walking down the street, when somebody says, ‘Hey, man, I love your work,’ it makes it all worth it for me. But right now, there’s been a lot of, like, ‘Oh, my God, what a cute little kid,’ and I’m like, ‘Hello?’”

He revs up the vanity when discussing how he got the role of Thanos in the “Avengers” franchise and appears to fall asleep at one point. “Should I wake him?” the interviewer Brolin asks.

The man who was originally supposed to ask the questions praised Brolin.

“He crushed it as he always does,” Renner, his “Avengers: Endgame” co-star, said.