Micro-Mobility Transport Systems : forte evo

‘Vaimoo,’ the e-bike-sharing solutions company, announced the ‘Forte Evo,’ an urban-focused e-bike designed for smooth integration with existing public transit systems. The bike boasts each of the necessary features for a public transit bike, including a long range, a torque sensor, a smooth suspension, and IoT integrations.

The IoT integrations allow the e-bike to work in both virtual and physical docked stations, meaning it can be registered in a variety of locations, making it perfect for citywide integration with public transit systems for last-mile delivery and travel. Vaimoo stated that its e-bike sharing system, and the industry as a whole, are excellent solutions for sustainable urban transportation.

One way that the Vaimoo e-bike sharing system could succeed on a large scale when integrated with public transit is through bundles. Boston Consulting Group concluded that citizens would be far more likely to adopt public micro-mobility services if the service could be bundled with traditional public transportation, simplifying the process for the end user.

Image Credit: Vaimoo