Republicans Flip a House Seat in Texas

“Republican Mayra Flores flipped a Democratic-held south Texas seat on Tuesday evening, apparently making further inroads among Latino voters in that region of the state. Both parties have been known to take special elections like this to seize upon their electoral narratives, so we’d caution against reading too much into these results,” Politico reports.

“For one thing, fewer than 30,000 people voted in this race. Secondly, the district — once held by Rep. Filemon Vela (D-TX), who did his party no favors in stepping down early — changed during redistricting. Another member, Rep. Vicente González (D-TX), will attempt to take it in November. However, the race does seem to indicate the GOP’s gains among Latino voters, seen during the 2020 presidential election, are real.”

New York Times: “Republicans have directed enormous sums of money and attention to the race in recent weeks.”

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