Will Merrick Garland Be Moved?

Tara Palmeri: “If members of the January 6th committee hope that their must-see TV spectacle will inspire Americans to rise up and demand that Attorney General Merrick Garland press charges against Trump or his inner circle—like, say, Rudy Giuliani or Sidney Powell—well, then they don’t know much about Garland.”

“According to two people who have worked alongside him since the start of his career in the Carter administration, Garland is avowedly stoic and apolitical, despite the manner in which his own Supreme Court nomination was politicized and derailed by Mitch McConnell.”

Said one former colleague: “Merrick would be the person that would be most reluctant to do something if there was a fervor coming out of the committee. He wouldn’t like to look like he’s been pressured into doing something because of the demands of the committee.”

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