‘You Can Definitely See It’: Nebraska Trooper Drives Toward Tornado-Warned Storm

A Nebraska State Trooper spotted a funnel cloud late on Tuesday, June 14, as he drove head-on toward a storm west of Lincoln that the National Weather Service (NWS) warned could produce a tornado. Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) released dashcam video which they said was captured on Interstate 80 in a vehicle driven by Sgt. Henrichs. Ahead of him, flashes of lightning momentarily illuminate the storm. “I’m not [television meteorologist] Ken Siemek, but to me it doesn’t look like it’s on the ground,” Sgt. Henrichs is heard telling his colleagues over the radio in the footage. “But you can definitely see it, twisting back and forth,” he adds. The National Weather Service warned people in the Lincoln metro area to seek shelter from the tornado-warned storm, and said it was dropping hail as large as two inches in diameter. Credit: Nebraska State Patrol via Storyful