Hearings have arrived for Fox News

Legendary reporter Dan Rather said Fox News wouldn’t show the hearings, but the hearings did come for Fox News.

Rather tweeted:

While Fox News wasn’t broadcasting the hearings live and unhindered, network hosts played a part in them through the messages they sent to the White House during the 1/6 attack.

What Fox showed during the hearings was a shame on the propaganda. The network refused to show footage of the violence, even without the audio. His cameras retreated from anything that could show their viewers the truth while in a split screen, Tucker Carlson worked out conspiracy theories about how the government was behind the attack.

Fox News tried to hide the truth from viewers, but just as importantly, the network seemed intent on hiding the truth from itself.

Fox did not show the hearing, but the hearing revealed a lot on Fox News.

It was an overwhelming night for longer than Donald Trump and the Republican Party. The night revealed the real Fox News.

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