Hillary Clinton does not want to “accept a future in which our daughters and grandchildren have fewer rights than we do” (if they are not aborted)

As hateful and grisly as it is to see people support abortion, it can also be downright fascinating. Especially when people who support abortion call on future generations of women to stand up for their cause.

We always see it. And we’re seeing it today, from none other than future President Hillary Clinton:

Cognitive dissonance is strong with this. Do you think he thought about what she was saying before she said it? Do pro-abortions ever think about what they’re saying before tweeting it?

Countless pro-abortion feminists have cried out of fear that in the future it will be harder for their daughters to abort their granddaughters.

The whole thing is just messed up.

Or something.

Aside from the idea that killing unborn children for the crime of being inconvenient is a right, the idea that women and girls (yes, we said “women” and “girls”) have fewer rights today than they do. when Hillary Clinton was a young whippersnapper is utterly ridiculous, not to say patently untrue.

Although Roe v. Wade becomes a relic, our daughters and grandchildren will not live in “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

You know, it’s almost as if Hillary et al. I don’t know what “rights” actually means.

We take that bet.

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