Hulu reportedly ignored the series of “alternate universes” about Hillary Rodham (and Bill Clinton, who she never married) –

Attempts to get Hillary Clinton back in the news are starting to escalate with 2024 not far off, whether people ask for it or not.

If Hillary ends up racing, a series based apparently is attempting a rehabilitation of the image, if there are any buyers. Hulu has reportedly already gotten a pass, according to Variety:

The series will be based on a book that has made some small changes to Hillary’s real life, such as deleting the up part who has she married:

“Rodham” – released in May 2020 and New York Times bestseller – imagined an alternate universe where Hillary Rodham Clinton met and dated Bill Clinton at Yale Law School, but never married him. Instead of the life that Clinton actually led, in “Rodham,” she continues to thrive as a professor at Northwestern University and launches an eventual presidential run in 2016. Real-world events, such as the rape allegations against Bill Clinton and Donald Trump as a figure. significant in politics – it also reads in Sittenfeld’s novel, but in vastly modified ways.

So, pretend Hillary never married Bill to avoid all the uncomfortable hypocrisy? Well, that’s it one way to handle it.

Anyone else feel like canceling any streaming service that picks it up in advance?

It would seem that Hollywood has a very different image of Hillary Clinton than ordinary people.

Again here’s a Hillary Clinton story unfolding “Earth 2”.



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