Joe Biden is “taking inflation very seriously” because “the number one threat is force, and that force we have built is inflation” [video]

Today we learned that President Joe Biden had a big speech in the works, a speech in which he would tackle inflation head-on with … Blame the Republicans for not having a plan to fix the mess he’s made.

Well, once the talk got underway, it became clear that Biden takes this very, very seriously:

His top internal priority… which until recently he insisted was not even a problem and after acknowledging that it is a problem attributed only to the party that has neither Congress nor the White House.

Good, if Jennifer Rubin fulfills her wish, the Democrats will also control the judicial branch. So don’t give up hope, Joe!

In any case:

It is the fault of the Republicans. And Putin and the pandemic, of course.

It is nothing if not predictable. And dishonest and condescending and unbearable:

Who are you, without your amazing PhD, are you going to believe? Joe Biden and Democrats, or your own lying eyes and ears?

We would go with the latter if we were you. Why even someone with a Ph.D. must be confused by this:

Like … Kamala style.

Our heads really hurt.

We are so fucked up, guys.

If anyone needs us, we will pray for SMOD. Feel free to join us.

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