POLITICAL scumbag hack DRAGGED for heartless hit piece on Madison Cawthorn – twitchy.com

Wow, they seem to hate Madison as much as they hate Trump.


In August 2015, 16 months after the accident that nearly killed him and left him unable to walk, Madison Cawthorn exchanged text messages with her friend who fell asleep behind the wheel and hit a concrete wall. Brad Ledford was about to go to college. Cawthorn lived with her parents in a house that had been remodeled for her wheelchair. She was suing Ledford and Ledford’s father’s business for millions of dollars in medical bills. From phone to phone, the boys joked back and forth about getting together, but after a while it was clear that Cawthorn didn’t want to.

Ledford referred to the “tension” of the court case and complained that they couldn’t get out “like we used to”.

“I miss my life,” he said. “I miss being able to defend myself … being able to dress … being able to use the bathroom without someone helping me … I miss not peeing on the bed because I’m not in control of my penis … not having to take pills keeps me in life … to be able to compete … to be controlled by girls … I miss my pride as a man … the pride my father swelled with when he said my name … I miss “, he said, “not having to convince myself every day not to pull the trigger and be done with it.

Why write this? Why DO this? We’ve seen some hit pieces, but this is …

We have no words.


No he can not.

None of them can.

Ooh, ooh, we know!

Incredibly despicable.



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