Poynter pays tribute to Jen Psaki, “one of the best press secretaries ever” – twitchy.com

Today is Jen Psaki’s last day as a press officer at Joe Biden’s White House, before she makes the side jump at MSNBC. His replacement, Karine Jean-Pierre, is a work in its own rightobviously, but right now it’s about Jen Psaki and here heredity.

And with that, we deliver it to the people of Poynter:

How can you even start parodying something like this?

With the country and the world going to hell in a basket, we can use all the laughs we can get. So thanks for that, Poynter. The Lord knows we needed it.

Yes, what a treasure we are losing.

Democratic sycophants going to democratic sycophants. It is quite large, but also absolutely fascinating.

Them too have standard more?



Jen Psaki still insists that HHS “safe smoking kits” contain crack pipes is a “conspiracy theory”

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