Receipt-filled discussion with inflation timeline showing NUMEROUS lies Biden told himself not to blame himself only DEPRESSING to Democrats

It appears that Biden has blamed everyone and everything but HIMSELF for inflation. And the reason he and his administrator are doing this is that they know damn well WHY inflation has skyrocketed since President Pudding Pop took office and it’s not COVID, or Putin, or the evil corporations. …

It’s their shit policies.

Eddie Zipperer was good enough to put together a thread showing the history of inflation and the many, many readings this administration has been reporting over the past 17 months.

Yes, he has only been in office for 17 months.

It seems a LOT longer than that to us too.

The stinking OPEC.

It can’t be the crazier spending and even crazier printing of money.

No, it’s those other guys.

Then it was the supply chain and the effects that COVID was having on it.

THEN Biden said …

Biden blamed the market manipulation. I guess he didn’t want to blame the COVID blockades as he was backing them at the time.

Until they blamed the pandemic:

That is fine.

Still staying with the pandemic.


Don’t worry guys, it’ll be over soon.

Yes, it is.

Let’s go back to blaming greedy companies.


Oh, and it was big meat.

For inflation.

Again ignoring their spending and printing.


Then Putin arrived.

Yes, we blame Putin for inflation which has clearly been on the rise in a YUGE way since August.

Seems legit.

And now this.

But that won’t stop him from trying.



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