Rick Scott is pretty sure Biden is too weak to fully grasp his “Ultra-MAGA” agenda.

GOP Senator Rick Scott wants to raise taxes on the poor. He is well ahead of this. It has an 11-point plan, which also includes ending Social Security and Medicare after five years unless a GOP Congress approves. It is not encouraging.

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On Tuesday, President Joe Biden criticized Scott’s “ultra-MAGA agenda”. I don’t like the term “Ultra-MAGA”, because it looks like Autobot Robert Stack played in Transformers movie from the 80s. Furthermore, MAGA has subsumed the former GOP. That’s all there is now. Still, I’m happy to see Biden go on offense.

The president said:

I happen to think it’s a good thing when American families have a little more cash in their pockets at the end of the month. But Republicans in Congress don’t seem to think so.

Their plan has effectively made working families – it will make working families poorer. You don’t have to take my word for it; it is in writing. They made their intentions perfectly clear.

Senator Rick Scott of [Florida], a member of the Republican Senate leadership, laid out everything in one plan. It is the Ultra-MAGA Agenda. Their plan is to raise taxes on 75 million American households, over 95% of whom earn less than $ 100,000 a year, total income. The average tax increase would be around $ 1,500 per household.

He also correctly noted that Republicans would use the five-year expiration of Social Security and Medicare as a negotiating tactic. We have already seen how they dealt with the debt ceiling.

Scott, who what involved in the “largest Medicare fraud in the nation’s history”, he probably doesn’t have the best interests of Americans at heart. He can’t really defend the merits of his plan for him, so, in typical GOP fashion, he simply denies reality. During an appearance on Fox News On Tuesday, he said Biden’s remarks were a “complete lie”. Hey he would never raise taxes, even if he keep talking about it. He presented himself as the “biggest tax cutter probably in the Senate right now or even here. I’ve cut taxes 100 times. [as Florida governor]. “

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Tuesday morning, just before Biden’s speech, Scott made a statement reminding Americans that Biden is old and probably oblivious to his surroundings. He was big enough.

Let’s be honest here. Joe Biden is not well. He is not fit for the office. He is inconsistent, clueless and confused. He doesn’t know where he is half the time. He is unable to direct and is unable to carry out his duties. Period. Everybody knows. Nobody is willing to say it. But we must, for the good of the country. Joe Biden can’t do the job.

He is spreading unfounded rumors about Biden’s mental health for “the good of the country”. Glad I cleared this up. I just thought he was an asshole. Scott is the one who doesn’t seem to remember his “soaking the rich” proposals.

Of course, his selective amnesia has media support. The same Fox News hosts who act as if Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the most powerful Democrat in Congress rejected Rick Scott – the president of the Republican Senatorial Committee – like a random nobody.

Dana Perino said, “They can say Rick Scott 100,000 times. That guy is eating alone at the table. Basically, there is no one in the Republican Party who has signed up to his plan.” We can’t confirm Scott’s cooking habits, but how White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki pointed out: President of the Republican National Committee Ronna McDaniel praised the plan. It’s possible it was just charitable because no one wants to have lunch with Scott, but it’s on the register nonetheless.

Jeanine Pirro said she “talked to several senators and they said nobody signed Rick Scott’s plan. Nobody! And that means nobody! Mitch McConnell doesn’t like it. Rick Scott is a junior senator from Florida. give a damn?! “

White House reporter Philip Melanchthon Wegmann of Real Clear Politics accused Biden to confuse “Senator Rick Scott with the general position of the GOP”. This is absurd because the media have often confused the Democratic Party’s official stance on “defining the police” with the random activist. Dr Hadassah Olayinka Ali-Youngman, pre-doctoral

A reporter later asked What Biden thought of Scott’s trash talk and, with a smile, Biden replied, “I think the man has a problem.” He was further amused that Scott had asked Biden to correct the inflation by resigning (a way of approving Kamala Harris as president, senator): “Resigning is a good idea.”

You can tell Biden that he wished he could deal with functioning adults. Unfortunately, it will never happen.

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