Rob Reiner claims Republicans don’t respect women, stumbles SPECTACULAR on his own tweets destroying Republican women –

Rob Reiner says it’s simple.

Republicans don’t respect women.

Don’t be too hard on Rob for his tweet … it’s as bright as a dim yellow light bulb. Sorry, it’s not even that bright. What’s weaker than a dim yellow light bulb?

That’s him.

You’d think he’d bother checking his timeline to check out tweets where he was openly disrespecting women himself before making such a claim, but no. Suppose, in his empty grimace, Republican women deserved to be treated as he treated them.

Right meat head?

So respectful.


Hell, he really destroyed Susan Collins for Kavanaugh… attacking a woman for being mad at a man named by Trump.

Sure enough Rob has nothing to do with “a woman’s pain” talk. Especially since Blasey-Ford was a liar.

And, of course, he trashed Melania Trump.

And he chased after Ivanka Trump.

Yes, Meathead is a true charmer.




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