Scam warning! The Port Authority warns the public of false sales invoices

Details of a fake invoice receipt with the Philippine Port Authority logo uploaded on June 8, 2022 (Facebook / Philippine Port Authority)

the Philippine Port Authority warned the public of fake sales invoice receipts using his name and logo sent to victims in exchange for money.

The PPA also uploaded a sample of this fake receipt to Facebook.

Fake Invoice Receipt Example (Facebook / Philippine Port Authority)

In the attached photo, the receipt shows the name of the PPA and its logo on the letterhead.

Its layout is also similar to the invoice templates that business entities provide or send to their customers.

“The Philippine Port Authority (PPA) also cannot be consulted by other users and the Pilipino Construction Authority logo”, PPA She said.

Under this new scheme, the potential victim receives a fake invoice on a supposedly large and expensive package from another country despite not ordering one in the first place.

In exchange for the package, the perpetrators ask the victim for money for the services and equipment rendered to deliver the alleged package.

“We hear all the details regarding human rights and legal fees,” PPA said.

It is also underlined that the PPA does not work or interact with the companies that send and receive parcels within the ports for which it is responsible.

“I’ve never talked about a Hindi kailanman who talks about PPA in all packages and includes packages in all of your friends,” PPA said.

“Ugaliing mapanuri magician. Mangat laban in a lot of pananamantala words, “she added.

The authority further stated that all inquiries relating to the country’s ports should only be sent to the official channels of the PPA.

The PPA is active annexed agency of the Department of Transportation responsible for administrative and operational functions of the Philippines.

It was created under the DPR n. 505 and then modified by the PD n. 857 of December 1975.

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