Steve Schmidt demands that any Republican who has asked for pre-emptive pardon be expelled from Congress

Steve Schmidt responded to the revelation that Republicans in Congress asked for pre-emptive pardon for participating in Trump’s coup by suggesting that they were all expelled.

Schmidt tweeted:

As Adam Schiff pointed out to Rachel Maddow, people don’t seek pre-emptive pardon unless they think they have broken the law. Legally, seeking a preventive pardon may not be evidence of a crime committed, but it is a red flag that, when waved by members of Congress, requires more investigation by law enforcement.

Any congressman who has requested a pre-emptive pardon from Trump should be seen by the Justice Department as a sign saying please investigate me.

Anyone who asked Trump for pardon before leaving office has nothing to do with Congress because he is so corrupt that he is unable to represent the interests of his constituents.

Expulsion would mean getting rid of these Republicans easily, and it has to happen.

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