Troll farm workers speak out, naked system, earnings as part of campaign operations

Screenshot by radio VJs Mo Twister Tin Gamboa and Dora Dorado during the May 10th episode of “The Good Times” of Magic 89.9 (Facebook / Magic 89.9)

An anonymous phone from a radio show made allegations that troll farms were present to guide candidates on May 9 allegedly for political campaigns.

In a live episode of the radio program “good times“Aired on Magic 89.9 on May 10, the caller admitted to being part of a so-called” think tank “that runs multiple social media accounts posing as organic individuals in support of candidates who are their customers.

In the episode aired the day after the elections of 9 May, the radio hosts Gamboa tinAlso known as VJ Suzy, Mo Twister Other Golden Dora received the call. He said one of the main customers is Bongbong Marcos, now the alleged president-elect.

“Sobrang nakaka-down especially if it is ka sa naging part kung bakit nanalo yung kandidato. So even though I voted for Leni (Vice President Leni Robredo), we are part of a group of experts, along with other Athenians and UP graduates, “the caller said.

The caller also claimed that he and his colleagues only got involved in the “for money” operations.

“Nag-consolidate kami sa specific campaign for BBM (Ferdinando Marco Jr.) and it was stupid for us to do it when we try to be real, everything is run by money, ”he added.

But, he said, they voted according to “conscience”.

“They are all telling me na kung saan yung money, doon tayo. But we will vote, at the end of the day, based on our conscience, ”she said.

The claims are similar to a confession posted on Reddit Philippines which has since been canceled.

“They are vocal kakampinks. They come from respected universities and companies and have just taken this job for good pay (60k-80k per month), ”the Reddit OP wrote.

Claiming to have severed ties to troll operations, the radio caller, meanwhile, has also tried to thwart Marcos’ earlier claim that he has no troll farms.

The unnamed caller said he can name specific office addresses. “I can give you a specific address, a specific office, and it’s in Leviste in Makati,” she told Good Times radio hosts.

Marcos had dared the critics on TV: “Find me one. show me one Only one. They do not exist. Show me the place where there are hundreds of trolls sitting in front of a computer spreading fake news. It doesn’t exist, ”Marcos said in the CNN Philippines interview.

How they should work

DJ Mo also asked the caller for details on how their supposed think-tank works.

The caller said he was among those in charge of “digging” old Facebook accounts to buy. These are then used to post content and comments for the campaign.

“So if you happen to see meme accounts or pages posting shitty stuff or something hateful, that was used as a propaganda tool for the BBM campaign,” the person said.

He and his colleagues would start making accounts look normal by posting content that people will like and share.

Then, when the campaign season began, many politicians would offer large sums of money to purchase these accounts, each with over 300,000 followers.

“The content or the page itself ranges from P2,500 to around one million pesos depending on the number of engagements and the number of likes on the page,” he said.

“Stupid” comments on purpose

The caller also claimed not to be the source of the fake news spread.

“We are not talaga to spread the fake news. We are like a group of experts, we are thinking of a script of the answers of each of those trolls, “she said.

The responses would also have to be “silly” to fuel engagement, the caller said.

When Mo asked him how much money he receives for his work, the latter shared that he received a staggering £ 2.5 million for a year.

“It is a contract where I will get £ 2.5 million,” the caller said.

To which Mo reacted: “Okay, that’s what I’m talking about.”

The caller added that the payment allegedly covered a year for his work in acquiring paid accounts, memes on Facebook pages and managing them, along with specific trolls.

‘Please look’

VJ Suzy shared a copy of the episode on her Twitter account.

“Please look at this. We had a caller who admitted that he was paid 2.5 million to be part of the Uniteam think tank for troll farms. Troll Farms Jr. said he didn’t. Caller said he voted for Leni because his conscience told him how his one vote could avenge him. Sobrang sakit, ”he said.

The post came from a user who shared a copy of the interview via video clip on Twitter.