Tweeting that conservative SCOTUS judges “should be targeted for murder” apparently does not violate Twitter’s “security policies”.

By now, you guys are quite familiar with our policy when it comes to Twitter randos. We try not to spend a lot of time posting about them.

But sometimes, we need to post about them. Maybe because we’re idiots for a particularly hot shot.

Or maybe because, as is the case here, those rando help expose a serious problem. Like, for example, Twitter shrugging its back on demands to assassinate Supreme Court justices.

Earlier this weekwe told you about former California congressman Steve Cox and his suggestion that the pro-abortion mafia “empty [Brett Kavanaugh’s] house and burn his shit in front of the hotel “Kavanaugh and his family stay. That wasn’t Cox’s only troubled tweet on the SCOTUS topic:

Fortunately for Cox, Twitter apparently didn’t find the tweet as problematic as some of us:

We’d love to see Twitter come forward and say it’s unacceptable.

But why would they find Cox’s tweet unacceptable when they’re evidently comfortable with rando with 16 followers tweeting the same kind of thing:

We took a screenshot:

Not that a screenshot is needed, of course. It’s been running for several days now and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

We can certainly appreciate the gesture of trying to bring this to the attention of Twitter and law enforcement, but Twitter, at least, isn’t all that worried:

Other people have reports it. And Twitter has sent them a message to acknowledge it.

The message is that Twitter doesn’t care:

Didn’t @KharnComrade violate Twitter’s security policies? Not even one?

Good point. That she would decidedly violated Twitter’s security policies.

Twitter has priorities and they stick to them! Hopefully not for too long though, because those policies really suck.

True story.



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