Two political monsters appeared at the NRA convention in Texas just days after 19 children and two teachers were slaughtered by an 18-year-old gunslinger who legally obtained an assault weapon. Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz echoed the empty message: “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” The more, the more, the more guns their dog is: he whistles to the NRA to keep flowing money their way and to other politicians who will carry out their bidding to block the passage of any gun safety legislation. These “self-styled super-Christians” who oppose abortion for the sake of potential lives are opposed to laws that would reduce the incidence of children being massacred in school. How is it not monstrous?

Senators Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, Richard Burr, and Roy Blunt along with the following list of senators reported in Newsweek on May 26, 2022 taking money from the NRA:
  • Mitt Romney (Utah) $ 13,647,676
  • Richard Burr (North Carolina) $ 6,987,380
  • Roy Blunt (Missouri) $ 4,555,722
  • Thom Tillis (North Carolina) $ 4,421,333
  • Marco Rubio (Florida) $ 3,303,355
  • Joni Ernst (Iowa) $ 3,124,773
  • Rob Portman (Ohio) $ 3,063,327
  • Todd C Young (Indiana) $ 2,897,582
  • Bill Cassidy (Louisiana) $ 2,867,074
  • Tom Cotton (Arkansas) $ 1,968,714
  • Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania) $ 1,475,448
  • Josh Hawley (Missouri) $ 1,391,548
  • Marsha Blackburn (Tennessee) $ 1,306,130
  • Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) $ 1,269,486 Mitch McConnell (Kentucky) $ 1,267,139
  • Mike Brown (Indiana) $ 1,249,967
  • John Thune (South Dakota) $ 638,942
  • Shelley Moore Capito (West Virginia) $ 341,738
  • Richard Shelby (Alabama) $ 258,514
  • Chuck Grassley (Iowa) $ 226,007
  • John Neely Kennedy (Louisiana) $ 215,788
  • Ted Cruz (Texas) $ 176,274 Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) $ 146,262
  • Steve Daines (Montana) $ 123,711
  • Cindy Hyde-Smith (Mississippi) $ 109,547
  • Roger Wicker (Mississippi) $ 106,680
  • Rand Paul (Kentucky) $ 104,456
  • Mike Rounds (South Dakota) $ 95,049
  • John Boozman (Arkansas) $ 82,352
  • John Cornyn (Texas) $ 78,945
  • Ben Sasse (Nebraska) $ 68,623
  • Jim Inhofe (Oklahoma) $ 66,758
  • Lindsey Graham (South Carolina) $ 55,961
  • Mike Crapo (Idaho) $ 55,039
  • Jerry Moran (Kansas) $ 34,718
  • John Barrasso (Wyoming) $ 26,989
  • John Hoeven (North Dakota) $ 22,050
  • Susan Collins (Maine) $ 19,638
  • James Lankford (Oklahoma) $ 18,955 Tim Scott (South Carolina) $ 18,513
  • Kevin Cramer (North Dakota) $ 13,255 Jim Risch (Idaho) $ 18,850
  • Tim Scott (South Carolina) $ 18,513


The argument that these weapon reform changes violate Second Amendment rights is bogus and spread by anti-security opportunists, the biggest offender being the coldest, worst and most dangerous president in U.S. history Donald Trump. Thankfully, his cartoonish presence is starting to fade, but not soon enough to prevent the deaths of other innocent people, especially children, due to his false gun worship. Trump has publicly admitted that he supports background checks and that he does not think the public needs to possess assault weapons; however, his hunger for power has led him not to repeat these positions because the NRA and supporters of the fetishism of weapons weren’t mad at him. The only good thing that could come from the recent horrific mass killings in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas is that Trump, Cruz, Governor Abbott, and any NRA-owned senators would be eliminated from public office. The media, the free press, are free to limit coverage of Trump’s dangerous narrative of the “big lie” and general support for unlimited gun possession.

This statement is proof of how much Trump is lying to keep power. He doesn’t care about any of the problems he claims he cares about. Gun control, abortion, immigration, national security, etc., etc., mean nothing to Trump except how his positions on them affect his access to political relevance and power. In the past, Trump was a Democrat, lived with the Clintons, was pro-abortion and hypocritically supported the immigration law that favored access to citizenship for Melania and his parents. Rural Americans and white supremacists who think Trump cares about their needs or ideology are naive and are used by him for political gain.

These senators refuse to vote to pass two bills that would expand background checks, HR 8 and HR 1446. These bills have been passed in the House but not yet in the Senate. It is the Republican party, the party under the control of gun lobbyists who refuse to support changes to current gun laws such as:

  • Universal background checks
  • Ban military assault weapons
  • Raise the age to 21 from 18 for the purchase of weapons
  • Implement waiting times for purchases and possession of weapons

Chief Justice Warren Burger (appointed by Richard Nixon in 1969) made the following statement on the Second Amendment:

The Gun Lobby’s interpretation of the Second Amendment is one of the biggest fraud, I repeat the word fraud, on the American people by special interest groups I have ever seen in my life. The true purpose of the Second Amendment was to ensure that state armies – the militia – were maintained for the defense of the state. The very language of the Second Amendment refutes any argument that it was intended to grant every citizen an unlimited right to any kind of weapon he desires.

Republicans must look back in time at how the uncorrupted conservatives disrupted the Constitution. MAGA Republicans are incompetent and power-hungry interpreters of the Constitution, and anyone who trusts their narratives is naive or corrupt.

The arguments of NRA chairman Wayne LaPierre, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Gregg Abbott and those crazy gun fetish ladies at the convention present arguments for more guns as a solution to the mass shootings sound sociopathic or ignorant. At the Uvalde shooting, there were 19 policemen armed with guns standing in the hall while the killer used his AR-15 on the children. Another weak and defensive argument is that the blame falls on the issue of mental health. Here is the deficit in that argument. Can they explain why other countries around the world are mentally ill but don’t have a mass shooting epidemic? If your premise is that mental health is at enormous levels in this country, why not restrict access to weapons instead of increasing access to them? Governor Abbott presents weak arguments to resist rising gun safety laws. He selected examples of shootings where background checks wouldn’t help, such as where kids stole their parents’ guns. Gun violence and mass shootings are complex issues and deciding how to approach solutions with a “one” solution rather than multiple approaches is shortsighted.

The mental health problem is a legitimate problem. However, Republicans worry more about the case when defending their position on broad and dangerous gun rights. Texas ranks 50th in the United States when it comes to access to mental health services. Beto O’Rourke should easily defeat Gregg Abbot as governor in 2022. Texas needs a person with soul, heart and ethics to save the state from ruin.