Vico Sotto shares tips on what to do amid the spread of fake news during this campaign period

Vico Sotto on the podium
Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto speaks to the crowd in this photo from his Facebook page on 21 December. 27, 2021 (Facebook / Vico Sotto)

Amid the proliferation of fake news this campaign season, Pasig City mayor is re-elected Vico Soto shared suggestions on how Filipinos, especially its constituents, can deal with it.

The head of the city on Monday revealed that the machine was “dual time”, saying there are “hard copies” printed of the claims propagating among the pasigueños.

“Sa mga caucus kanina, hinikayat ko ang mga tao: kahit nakakatawa na minsan, handlers par rin tayong MAPAGMATYAG at MAPANURI,” Sotto said on the 32nd day of the local campaign period.

According to him, if someone meets a real person sharing fake news online, that should be corrected.

“But ‘wag i-engage’ yung nag-post na troll / fake account,” the mayor said.

Below he also said that if citizens come across a complaint online but aren’t sure it’s true, they should refrain from disseminating or sharing it.

“#TekaMunaMarites,” he joked.

“Maraming sumusubok na sirain tayo dahil taste nilang makabalik in lumang kalakaran. We will continue to move forward, “said the re-elector mayor.

Sotto is running for the post of mayor of Pasig in the administrative elections of 2022. He is running with the bet of Deputy Mayor Dodot Jaworski.

Last year, he reminded Filipinos to be vigilant about consuming information online, especially before the election starts.

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