Wait, WHEN? Apparently the Chamber’s Energy and Trade Committee is in no rush to hearings on the shortage of baby formulas – twitchy.com

The shortage of infant formula in the United States is becoming more and more a huge problem for Americans with children:

A nationwide shortage of infant formula is particularly acute in some U.S. states, where parents report going to stores looking for the product only to find empty shelves.

According to the most recent analysis from Datasembly, which tracks infant formula stocks in more than 11,000 stores at retailers in the United States, 43% of the best-selling infant products were out of stock in the week ending May 8. Formula was even more scarce in five states, where more than half of the best-selling products were missing from stores.

The Chamber’s Energy and Commerce Commission, which the Democrats obviously control, plans to act and hold hearings on the crisis. However, they don’t seem to be in a particular rush:

So … in two full weeks? Yes, it appears to be like this:

Hey, what’s the rush? (eye roll cue)

We expect the same level of accountability that is usually shown by this administration, which is ZERO.

Here’s an excellent idea that could speed things up when it comes to Congressional hearings:

Is there any doubt that would actually be the case?

all with a lot of Republican assistance.

Talk about messed up “priorities”.

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