what would Australia look like in Albanian?

What would life be like under work? Bernard Keane projects his mind to 2024.

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With budget night 2024 in the rearview mirror, the media cycle has quickly moved on for the Albanian government and attention is turning to the looming final report from the royal Robodebt commission.

The commission has already completed its main task of inflicting humiliation on a number of former Liberal ministers, including former prime minister and now Woodside council member Scott Morrison, by paying the Coalition for its royal union commissions and pink bats nearly a decade after the Tony Abbott era.

Former DFAT secretary Kathryn Campbell has also come under heavy criticism in the proceedings, along with a conga line of high-ranking bureaucrats, with their standard replies of “I take it into consideration” and “this is a political issue for the government “unnecessary in the judicial proceeding. The humiliation of a former deputy secretary of social services, who bravely tried to stay on the talking points through a grueling session with legal aid, quickly went viral.

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