“Why would a bullet do such a thing?” WaPo presents an interestingly structured report on the shots fired in Va’s offices. AG – twitchy.com

We’ve seen the “SUV overwhelms many people” approach taken by the media when they try to avoid details that don’t match their favorite narratives. A shot fired at the Virginia Attorney General’s office building was seen to receive similar treatment in a Washington Post report:

Those pesky bullets are unpredictable again:

How is this for an explanatory one for centuries?

It should be in the Louvre of “journalism”: “From time to time, gunshots have been fired at homes or other buildings in the Washington area, intentionally or accidentally. However, reports of gunshots against government buildings are relatively rare. “

Hey, they would have reported him the same way a shot was fired at a building with the Democratic offices inside, right?

Unless guided by someone right in the center, the shot is totally different.

Surely if a Dem office had been hit there would have been a bit more speculation as to who could pull the trigger and what could motivate them.

Biden’s White House would likely blame the pandemic and Putin.



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