Conservatives celebrate Musk’s deal to buy Twitter.

Musk’s purchase of Twitter could confuse the debate in Washington about regulating major social media platforms. Republican lawmakers have spent years criticizing the site for removing content from conservative personalities and editors. Now they hope that Mr. Musk will bring an era of relaxed restraint to the platform.

But the deal could raise concerns with groups who want Silicon Valley platforms to do more to limit hate speech, violent content and disinformation.

“Musk has not just bought another expensive play toy, but a global online community that includes some 330 million regular users,” Jessica J. González, co-CEO of the Free Press public interest group, said in a statement. “With control of such a massive platform comes great responsibility, and Musk hasn’t shown he has the ability to be accountable to this diverse online community.”

Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, declined to comment on the deal. But you said President Biden has longstanding concerns about the spread of disinformation online.