Storms in Queensland: Floods in some parts of the state could be life-threatening

Queensland authorities fear a potentially disastrous day on Friday with conditions described by the Bureau of Meteorology as “life-threatening”.

Queensland authorities fear a potentially disastrous day on Friday with conditions described by the Bureau of Meteorology as “life-threatening”.

The state hit so hard by the floods in February and March – floods that left 3,600 homes uninhabitable – was again destroyed by heavy rains and other flash floods.

Much of the state is staring at swollen rivers and rising tides as the misery continues.

Speaking Thursday as several regions have received more than 100mm of rain in the past 24 hours, Christine Johnson of the Bureau of Meteorology said Queensland will see conditions on Friday that could be “life threatening”.

He said the Sunshine Coast outback has received its heaviest downpour with 227mm in the past 24 hours and more will follow.

“We have severe weather warnings for the Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay and Burnett area,” Ms. Johnson said.

“This is for tomorrow for heavy rains which could lead to flash floods. Indeed, if thunderstorms occur in this area, we could see heavy rains that could lead to flash floods that are life-threatening. “

It comes when the Queensland government revealed the full extent of the damage caused by the floods in the first three months of 2022.

The mayor of Brisbane said the damage bill could reach more than 1.3 billion, well over the $ 400 million needed to repair the damage after the 2011 floods.

Images from across the state are shared on social media showing waterlogged streets and overflowing dams.

Lockyer Valley, the scene of much devastation in 2011, is once again in danger.

The Courier Mail reports that the western Brisbane region is on high alert for flash floods and schools in the Lockyer Valley region are closed.

There is a vigilance and action alert for residents – they received the alert via text message on Thursday.

It said: “More roads are currently affected by flooding and road closures are in place. Everyone in the Lockyer Valley Regional Council area is encouraged to stay up to date with the latest information from the Bureau of Meteorology.

Sky News meteorologist Rob Sharpe repeated the warning that the Queensland weather event could cost lives.

“The heaviest rains will begin to fall … in the southeastern parts of Queensland with the risk of flash flooding and even more river flooding,” he said.

“We generally talk about mild to moderate river flooding, which is why that’s not a problem … but with flash flooding, possibly heavy falls in some locations, some people may still lose their lives by being swept away by floods that don’t. they waited or drove through floodwaters when people know they shouldn’t. “

He said there is good news on the horizon, with the heaviest rain moving into the sea on Saturday.

Originally published as Parts of Queensland face “life-threatening” floods due to heavy rains