The North Carolina house falls into the sea: Rodanthe’s house collapses

Shocking video shows the moment when a house on the east coast of the United States worth an estimated $ 550,000 collapses into the sea in inclement weather.

Shocking footage captured the moment when an east coast house worth an estimated $ 550,000 collapses into the sea in severe weather and severe flooding.

According to the Cape Hatteras National Seashore Service, an unoccupied house in Rodanthe, North Carolina collapsed as the waves lapped its foundations.

The footage shows the moment the house falls off its legs into the sea before swinging on the waves.

The beach had to be closed to “protect the public from harm”, including debris that has been widely spread along the seashore.

Authorities said a second house on the same stretch of beach has also collapsed and there is a real risk that “other houses in the area could collapse.”

Another collapse follows on Ocean Drive, Rodanthe, on February 9th.

“The debris from this home spread over many miles of beaches before the homeowner and volunteers at an organized beach cleanup event managed to remove much of it. Efforts to clean up the smaller debris associated with the February 9 house collapse continue, “the authorities said.

“Unfortunately, there may be more houses collapsing on Seashore beaches in the near future,” said David Hallac, superintendent of national parks in eastern North Carolina.

“We proactively contacted homeowners along Ocean Drive in Rodanthe after their first home collapsed and recommended that they take action to prevent the collapse and impacts on Cape Hatteras National Beach.”

ABC News reports in North Carolina that the state’s coastline is “made up almost entirely of narrow, low islands” and that “hundreds of expensive vacation homes have been built there in places where experts say they probably shouldn’t have been.”

Originally published as The video shows the tragic moment when the $ 550,000 house falls into the sea

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