Lewis Hamilton’s nose piercing causes a squabble with F1 bosses over the jewelry rule

Lewis Hamilton and the F1 regulators are in a collision cause as the seven-time British world champion continues to hold his position.

According to Sky Sports F1 expert Ted Kravitz, Lewis Hamilton faces a fine and possible disqualification from the Monaco Grand Prix due to his jewelry quarrel.

The sun Reports The 37-year-old Mercedes star received a medical exemption for two races – Miami and Barcelona – where he was allowed to wear piercings.

But the FIA ​​has ordered Hamilton to remove all piercings before he will race in Monaco at the end of May in order to comply with safety regulations.

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Hamilton has abdicated the rules in taking off his earrings, but his nose button remains a problem as it cannot be removed easily and Kravitz believes it could trigger a nasty conflict between the Brit and the F1 governing body.

He said in Sky Sports’ Ted’s Notebook: “He took off his earrings but can’t take off his nose (stud) and we thought he was going to have a minor surgery to pull out his nose (stud).

“Now Hamilton says, having had two races of grace, here (Miami) and in Barcelona, ​​he won’t take his nose off (stud).

“He doesn’t want to, he doesn’t think it’s something the FIA ​​should do, so it looks like the war between Hamilton and the FIA ​​continues.

“Are you going to accumulate well when we get to Munich and you haven’t pulled it out because the hole has closed? It’s not as easy as being able to just take it off like she does with her earrings.

“So there’s a little storm coming. Hamilton said they can fine him however they want, but it’s not that simple.

“If the FIA ​​decides not to check the driver, which it seems they can do, they can prevent Lewis from exiting the pit lane at the start of Friday’s free practice because he was not scrutinized – the driver is now effectively checked at the same way as a car.

“So this could get very bad pretty quickly in a race and a half.”

Hamilton is also against the no-jewelry rule as it has not been deemed dangerous for him to wear piercings in his car for the previous 14 years of his career.

In protest, the seven-time world champion wore three watches and a ring on each finger during the Miami Grand Prix press conference to show his opposition to the FIA.

Drivers found guilty of breaking jewelry rules face a $ 74,500 fine, and repeat offenses could see that number rise to $ 380,000.

This story first appeared The sun and has been reproduced with permission

Originally published as “Nasty” was preparing between Lewis Hamilton and the F1 bosses for the nose piercing

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