Paul Gallen vs Kris Terzievski boxing fight start time, live updates, how to watch, undercard results, Hass Hamdan snubbed

Paul Gallen’s boxing blockbuster began as very few have seen happen with the Newcastle crowd silenced by early carnage.

Welcome to our live coverage of tonight’s boxing action in Newcastle.

Paul Gallen heads a card on the stack, as the former NRL star battles Kris Terzievski for the Australian and Australian heavyweight title in the main event.

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Former Olympic hero Harry Garside set up a clinic, while Nikita Tszyu – the brother of Australian superstar Tim Tszyu and son of boxing legend Kostya Tszyu – became an instant star with a thunderous knockout victory.

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Big surprises when Terzievski dominates early

Round 1 – Kris Terzievski shocked Newcastle Entertainment Center by holding Paul Gallen at bay with some revealing body shots. Terzievski used his superior reach and managed to keep Gallen out.

round 2 – Paul Gallen has made his way into the fight. The former NRL player got the better of the exchanges in the second round. He also landed a heavy right hook.

Lit scenes after the ‘cr **’ handshake

Tensions nearly erupted in the ring after Trent Girdham refused to shake hands with his opponent Hass Hamdan after their savage six-round war over the Paul Gallen-Kris Terzievsi showdown undercard.

Girdham rushed out of the ring when the judges’ papers were announced and the fight was handed over to Hamdan by unanimous decision (57-56, 58-55, 58-55).

Hamdan was eliminated in the first round but reacted to control the final rounds.

When the judges’ cards were announced, Hamdan celebrated before approaching Girdham’s corner and attempting to shake his opponent’s hand.

Instead, Girdham walked away to protest the scorecards.

When a member of Girdham’s corner appeared to say something to Hamdan, the boxer’s father, Australian great boxer Nader Hamdan, rushed to take on a rival coach and pushed him back into his corner.

Australian legend Jeff Fenech called Girdham’s handshake “cr **”.

“I’m a little disappointed… if they honestly thought their fighter had won the bout, there’s something wrong with them. It was a close fight.

“It was a great fight. The two guys should be congratulated and we shouldn’t need this asshole after such a big fight.”

Former Australian world champion Barry Michael called it a “poor act”.

Hass Hamdan said in the ring: “Look, if he had shaken my hand here, I would have given him all the wraps in the world. He caught me with a good shot. That was all he had. “

Commentator Paul Kent was concerned about the tensions that boiled when Nader Hamdan entered the fray.

“Poor old corner of Girdham, they turned pale because they woke the beast in Nader Hamdan,” he said.

“This could have gone really wrong.”

Nikita Tszyu explodes in a crazy KO victory

Nikita Tszyu warned the world with a brutal knockout victory in the first round.

The younger Tszyu smashed Mason Smith and it was all over with 19 seconds left in the first round.

Nikita Tszyu threw an uppercut bomb early in the round, knocking his opponent to the ground. Smith was only able to hold out for another minute before the referee canceled the fight to protect Smith.

Tsyu said that after the fight he only rated his performance at 6.5 out of 10.

His brother im Tszyu rated his brother’s performance 10/10.

Harry Garside sweeps the opponent away

Australian Olympic hero Harry Garside went on to win with an impressive TKO victory over Layton McFerran.

McFerran showed incredible courage and tenacity to keep coming forward in the final rounds despite Garside opening a can of whoop-ass.

Garside was too clinical and classy as he took rounds and then pulverized his opponent’s face by opening rounds six and seven.

The referee nearly stopped the fight in the sixth round and eventually stopped the seventh round, making sure Garside retains his Australian lightweight title.

Commentator reveals the secret of Gallen’s lefty

Boxing commentator Paul Kent revealed that Paul Gallen had a serious problem adjusting to a southpaw fighter prior to his title fight.

Kent said Gallen had little prior experience against left-handed fighters and was forced to endure an awkward combat field while making the necessary adjustments to fight someone with an unorthodox stance.

“He (Terzievski) has a couple of rather significant advantages. One is the speed of his upper hand. The other is that he’s a southpaw, ”Kent said at the Main Event.

“Paul Gallen has historically struggled with lefties every time he has had to fight them. But this preparation did nothing but spread left-handers. He’s gotten to a point where he feels comfortable with him now.

“But there was still a time in this training camp where he was fighting lefties. And then there was one afternoon when he looked like he was shooting.

Gallen previously spoke on the live broadcast just a couple of hours before the fight.

“I’m at the limit. I’m pretty exuberant, ready to go, “she said.

“I feel like I’m running away and I just want to go in there and do it. You just want to jump out of your skin and move on.

Late betting drop tips fight on his had

Behind-the-scenes footage of Kris Terzievski throwing his hands was enough to trigger a late betting dip on the defending champion.

In the video leaked this week, Terzievski is seen throwing punches during some pad work with bizarre speed.

The Daily Telegraph first reported that the footage was shot in some boxing circles before it was shared publicly this week.

The footage saw Terzievski’s odds plummet dramatically with some corporate bookmakers.

Once considered a $ 6.50 outsider, Terzievski now has $ 2.55 with TAB.

Terzievski’s speed further shows the challenge Gallen has to execute his basic strategy to get into his opponent’s face and range.

Huni suggests Gallen triumph

Heavyweight star Justis Huni – the only fighter to defeat Paul Gallen – she is choosing the former NRL star to come out victorious Wednesday evening.

If he wins, Gallen will become the first cross-code athlete to win a heavyweight boxing title.

“I don’t know much about his opponent Kris, but I know a lot about Gallen, obviously sharing the ring with him,” Huni told

“It’s a tough cookie and it won’t go down without a fight.

“If I knew more about Kris I could give a broader opinion on who will win, but I can only really judge Gallen, because I know Gallen and how tough he is and how much pressure he exerts when he’s there. So I’ll have to support Gal.

“Nothing against Kris, but I’ve been there myself, I’ve played almost 10 rounds with him. He’s just a tough guy. He keeps coming and keeps applying that pressure. It will be a good test for Kris. Hopefully he wins the best and that they both do well and healthy.

Complete results of the main event combat cards

– Paul Gallen vs Kris Terzievski (10 rounds for the Australian and Australian heavyweight title)

– Nikita Tszyu defeated Mason Smith by TKO, Round 1

– Harry Garside defeated Layton McFerran via TKO referee stoppage, Round 7

– Sam Goodman defeated Fumiya by unanimous decision (98-9 x3)

– Hass Hamdan defeated Trent Girdham by unanimous decision (57-56, 58-55, 58-55)

– Sara Jalonen defeated Amber Amelia by split decision (48-47, 48-47, 47-48)

– Hironiri Mishiro defeated Francis Chua by majority decision (69-64, 67-66, 65-68)

– Linn Sandstrom defeated Floryvic Montero by majority decision (78-74 x2, 76-76)

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