Straeuli mentions legal action for the disputed purchases

Lions CEO Rudolf Straeuli hinted that the union may have to go a legal route if discussions on the recently announced Sharks purchases, Vincent Tshituka Other Carlo Sadiit is not settled amicably between the two unions.

Tshituka and Sadie were two of the Lions’ stars this season and it was a blow when the Sharks announced their signings last week.

However Straeuli insists that the Sharks have jumped the gun on the ads and are yet to be discussed among the unions.

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“Some of the media announcements were premature. I can confirm that Burger (Odendaal) has signed a contract with Wasps and his contract expires in October, so we are still in talks about when he will leave, ”Straeuli said.

“Those announcements (from the Sharks) were premature and I’m waiting for Eduard (Coetzee, CEO of Sharks), he’s in America and we want to try and sort it out amicably.

“Apart from that we reserve our (legal) rights. Vincent’s contract will only expire in December and Carlu’s will expire in June ”.

Recruiting Guide

Straeuli also admitted that the union was actively trying to sign players, but due to financial constraints caused by Covid and the inability to get fans to the stadium, it slowed down their recruiting campaign.

“We have to review our system. Of course we have recruited junior players for our junior competitions and the Currie Cup.” But now we also have to recruit for the URC and have not yet played in the ERCC or the European Challenge (international club competitions). ) “, explained Straeuli.

“So we’re a little thin and a little worn out in the number of players. But that’s due to our budgets and Covid, so it wasn’t easy. We have grown many of our junior players and have only bought players when needed.

“It was a very difficult time from a financial point of view. We stayed close to our budget and stayed true to our guns. So it was difficult but also rewarding to develop our players. If 40 players have left over the years, we have probably developed around 20 players. “