AZ GOP Senate Candidate Blake Masters: Fire All The Generals, Replace Them With Trump Stooges

Arizona Senate polls are bleak for All-American Fascist Doll GOP candidate Blake Masters. Go to Real Clear Politics and pick a poll, any poll, and Masters is losing badly to Democratic incumbent Mark Kelly. Even reliably right-leaning Trafalgar — the Republican candidate’s favorite aunt of pollsters — has him down two points.

In a new OH Predictive Insights poll, Kelly curb stomps Masters by 12 points, 47 to 35 percent. We’d expect that to tighten closer to the midterms. One in four voters is still undecided, but Masters would need to swing almost all of them. That seems unlikely because he’s so gross and weird.

Case in point: Vice News recently obtained audio of Masters attacking the US military, which is always good for votes in Arizona (no, wait, quite the opposite). During an an Apache Junction Ladies for President Trump event in August 2021, he pushed the popular rightwing smear that senior military officials are “woke” and “left-wing” losers who couldn’t win a firefight against imperial stormtroopers.

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Masters, who served his country on the killing fields of venture capitalism, has a solution to this made-up problem. Purge the military of liberals and replace them with conservatives who recognize just two pronouns — “semper” and “fi.”

“Your entire general class, they’re left-wing politicians at this point. It’s very hard to become a general without being some kind of left-of-center politician.”

There is zero evidence for his claim. Rightwing assholes seemingly think generals who oppose coups and support inclusion are radical commies. MAGA doesn’t fully appreciate what makes America great.

“I would love to see all the generals get fired. You take the most conservative colonels, you promote them to general. Not because the ideology is important, but because the conservative colonels will be able to leave the ideology aside. They just care about an effective fighting force.”

Conservative colonels obviously have an “ideology,” considering Masters literally distinguishes them based on their ideology. Military leaders try to avoid appearing like partisan actors, as they serve multiple presidents in their career. However, retired military leaders have in the past expressed support for Republicans who were almost normal. That ended with Donald Trump, which should’ve provided further conclusive proof that he’s an unhinged wannabe despot.

When retired Marine General James Mattis resigned as secretary of Defense, he compared Trump to Hitler in a scathing resignation letter. This doesn’t make him a liberal, unless an anti-Hitler position is now “woke” like acknowledging pronoun preferences. Trump suggested Mattis was a Democrat, but Mattis never registered with any political party. Masters is equating “conservative” with unreasoning fealty to Trump.

Military personnel who respect the oath they took when they entered the service have denounced Masters. Here’s Tucson veteran Don Womack, a former Marine who served in the Vietnam War:

“At the end of the day, what Masters has said is nothing short of disgraceful. His comments are nothing short of a personal attack on me and every other veteran and military family who has sacrificed to serve our country,” he said.

Air Force veteran Sylvia Gonzalez Andersh also dragged Masters at a press event.

“A man like Blake Masters, who has no respect for our service – he has no business representing us anywhere, let alone at the U.S. Senate,” said [Andersh] …

Smearing US military leaders might play well with right-wing media trolls, but it’s not a winning political strategy. This may explain why a super PAC connected to Mitch McConnell has abandoned Masters, likely seeing him as a lost cause.

Meanwhile, Kelly has more than enough money to cover the airwaves with ads reminding voters that Masters is a weaselly creep.


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