Brazilian-American Esports Facilities : furia

Brazilian esports organization FURIA will open doors to its new Miami, Florida esports venue in an effort to bolster its international presence in esports. The venue is measured at 5200 square feet and is expected to open in October or November 2022, providing FURIA’s roster of professional players a place to partake in LAN (Local Area Network) games and tournaments. In addition, the FURIA esports venue will have a FURIA clothing shop, an event area, and a stage for fans of FURIA’s esports teams to view their matches live.

FURIA’s Co-Founder Andre Akkari commented: “We don’t want to connect with fans and people who engage with FURIA only through digital means or through opportunities in big events. We want to have physical contact with them somehow, we want them to visit us, interact with the team and talk with influencers, athletes, and even the staff. It creates a different heat around the brand.”

Image Credit: FURIA