Cameron Diaz talks about her return to acting

EIGHT years have passed since Cameron Diaz announced she was leaving acting. But now, the Charlie’s Angels star is officially out of retirement, and starring in a new film. The 50-year-old actress will appear in the Netflix film Back in Action alongside Jamie Foxx.

The Golden Globe nominee, who appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last Friday, discussed her comeback and explained why Back in Action was the ideal title for her next movie.

“I was like, so hey, guys, what’s the title of this? And they were like Back in Action,“ she recalled. “I was like oh! I can really feel very connected to this character already.”

Diaz also admitted that she is both “nervous” and “excited” as it was her first acting gig since retiring eight years ago.

“It’s a little bit of muscle memory, you know what I mean?” Diaz explained. “I did that for so long, it’s kind of like the process, I kind of just fell back into it. But it feels a little bit different.

A source told People magazine: “When this project came along and she was pursued by Jamie Foxx, who she has known and worked with for years, she decided to go for it.”

Back in Action is a Netflix Original directed by Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses). Brendan O’Brien, the author of Neighbors, penned the screenplay for the film. O’Brien is joined by Datari Turner and Mark McNair as executive producers for the film.

Netflix hasn’t confirmed a release date for Back in Action. However, it is expected that the action-comedy will be released in late 2023 or early 2024.