Carmel woman looking for answers after finding the goose stroke

CARMEL – A Carmel woman asks ‘who shot a goose?’ her after finding one injured.

Nancy Tatum is an animal lover, looking forward to the Canadian geese calling her backyard home. Earlier this week she said she found a goose that she was struggling to stand up.

“She couldn’t get up,” said Tatum. “She tried to get away from me and fell. At that point I thought she was no good, I have to put her in the box.”

Tatum then took the goose to a local wildlife rehabilitation center and X-rayed her, once done, she was horrified by the result.

“The X-rays showed she had pellets in her,” said Tatum. “He has four pellets in her. So they shot her.”

in 2020, several residents in the Tatum neighborhood wanted to kill the geese that frequented the ponds located there. The problem has been solved and the geese are still calling the community home.

Tatum wants to use this goose being shot with a BB gun as a teaching moment.

“I want people to realize that you know you shouldn’t hurt these birds and if it comes down to that you can be prosecuted,” said Tatum.

While Canadian geese are seen all over the Midwest, it wasn’t like that just 50 years ago. According to the DNR, the Canada Goose nearly went extinct in the Midwest, they are now protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

“As for shooting a Canadian goose, it’s technically illegal,” said Jessica Merklin, an Indiana DNR urban wildlife biologist. “You can’t do it out of season and none of our permits would allow it.”

According to Department of Natural Resources, one way to keep geese away from your property is to remove the nest and eggs. But to remove those nests you need to obtain a permit through the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. You can find that link on

“In June and July, Canadian geese actually mutated their flight feathers so they can now physically fly anywhere,” Merkling said.

As for the person who shot Nancy Tatum’s rescued goose, he has a message.

“The eyes are watching … I just put it this way,” said Tatum.

According to the DNR, killing or attempting to kill a goose is a crime that can result in up to 60 days in jail and up to a $ 500 fine. If you find a goose or wild animal, in general, that needs care, you should take him to a qualified wildlife rehabilitation center. Click here for a listing in Indiana.

As for the goose that Tatum found, it is currently in a wildlife rehabilitation center under treatment.