Cloud-Focused Mini PCs : mohacloud pc

‘MohaCloud’ is a new startup that is currently crowdfunding for its inaugural product, the ‘MohaCloud PC.’ This is a compact mini-pc designed specifically for cloud gaming and game streaming. As such, the PC is incredibly small and barebones, taking up the least amount of desk space possible while still providing a seamless cloud gaming experience.

The MohaCloud PC features interface options to connect to a mouse, keyboard, and monitor, as well as the ability to wire to an internet connection through as USB-C port. On the marketing page, MohaCloud demonstrates the PC using wi-fi pass-through with a mobile device, so it is unclear whether or not the computer will support a direct ethernet connection upon release.

According to MohaCloud, the MohaCloud PC provides true PC-level gaming by leveraging fast wi-fi speeds and the true power of the cloud.

Image Credit: MohaCloud