Gaming Console-Inspired Batteries : MAG.L MagSafe powerbank

The conceptual ‘MAG.L’ MagSafe power bank is an external charging solution for iPhone users to utilize as a way to keep their devices ready for use at all times. The unit draws design inspiration from the iconic Nintendo GameBoy and is equipped inside with a 10,000mAh battery to support multiple smartphone charges. The unit is paired with a built-in stand that opens to reveal a dedicated way to keep the smartphone securely in place, charging and visible.

The conceptual ‘MAG.L’ MagSafe power bank is the design work of Leigui Li and Neo Bie, and features a built-in LCD display for showing time, date, battery level, charging status and more. The device is imagined in a bright yellow finish to make it an eye-catching addition to a person’s everyday carry (EDC).