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Signia Listening to Aids are designed to scale back stress, enhance listening to, and alleviate signs of tinnitus with three distinctive applied sciences. The three options Signia makes use of to attain these outcomes are static noise remedy, ocean wave remedy, and the corporate’s most revolutionary ‘Notch Remedy’ characteristic.

The static noise remedy mode emits a small quantity of white noise to fight the silence that induces tinnitus signs. That is designed to assist the wearer chill out with out being pestered by the ringing sound of tinnitus. The ocean wave remedy takes the same method, utilizing pure ocean wave sounds to concurrently cut back tinnitus signs whereas additionally bettering the wearer’s temper. This setting is meant to be soothing, have a chilled impact on the wearer, and alleviate tinnitus signs.

The final setting, alternatively, takes a unique method altogether. Notch Remedy doesn’t create a soothing or distracting noise, however relatively slowly eliminates tinnitus signs with out creating sounds in any respect. That is extremely efficient on sufferers with tonal tinnitus, probably the most generally occurring type, and has even been proven to remove tinnitus utterly after a number of months of utilizing this mode. This mode works by lowering overstimulation, selling silence, and basically “instructing” the mind to now not hear tinnitus-related sounds.

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