Hyper-Performance Gaming Monitors : CORSAIR XENEON 32UHD144

The CORSAIR XENEON 32UHD144 gaming monitor is an immersive solution for avid gamers to incorporate into their existing setup when looking to enjoy impressive performance and more.

The unit is designed with fast games in mind and boasts an ultra-slim 32-inch panel that offers a 40% larger screen area than a conventional 27-inch monitor. The monitor is equipped with quantum dot technology to easily display 100% of the sRGB and Adobe RGB color gamuts, while offering 98% coverage of the DCI-P3 color gamut.

The CORSAIR XENEON 32UHD144 gaming monitor is rounded out with a 144Hz refresh rate and features the iCUE software to help users seamlessly change the various settings of the unit directly within the operating system.